Bowl 4 Cash

It’s time to Bowl 4 Cash. We’ll not our cash, but if you want to bet on this bowling game it’s up to you. This game is very similar to the look and feel of 3D bowling, so if you’ve mastered that game, you’ll have no problem with Bowl 4 Cash.

To bowl, put your mouse on the ball and move it to the location where you want to throw. The center of the lane is usually the best spot for your first throw, as it will give you a pretty good chance at a strike.

Throw the ball by clicking the left mouse and hold. The bowlers hand goes down, keep holding the left mouse button and then move the mouse up quickly, releasing the mouse button. This will give you a powerful throw towards the pins. Make sure you follow through toward the center pin, so you don’t hook the ball off the lanes and throw a gutterball.