Bowling Alley

bowling alleyA bowling alley is one of the best places to really relax and have a good time and play a few bowling games. You can have a great time with friends if you just go there around 10 o’ clock and stay all night. Some people stay until just 2, and there are lots of late night bowling events on weekends. There are still some bowling alleys that have disco nights, 3D bowling and even dance nights, as they double as dance halls. A lot of bowling alleys have arcades and pool tables built in. There are a lot of alleys that are just pure alleys though. You usually have to rent shoes and pay for a lane when you get there, but that is the only expense you have to make.

If you don’t go to the alley at least once a month, you are missing out. It is a form of leisure and exercise mixed all into one. There are usually at minimum 12 lanes, so there is always an opening. Sometimes, there are more lanes, and larger alleys may have double this. It is really a fun place to kick back and have a lot of fun. There are so many interesting things to do there, and people to meet. There are a lot of interesting things to do at your particular bowling alley. You just have to make sure that you go to one that admits a lot of friends at a discount, as the prime time bowling rates can get expensive.

Bowling alley’s are also host to many formal bowling leagues, but also have fun, recreational leagues for bowlers who are just learning or aren’t as skilled as the more serious bowlers.¬† Lousy bowler leagues are popular because they offer fun competition in a relaxed setting.

Bowling, which was once one of the favorite American pastimes¬† is fading now though. People prefer to stay in and just play video games, watch TV, or hang out. They don’t realize that it is still very fun to go to the alley, and they can get some exercise while they’re there too. There are so many nice and friendly people at your typical alley, and you can meet new friends that may become your permanent bowling buddies. The reason that you can forge close friendships at alleys versus other places is because you can join a lot of bowling teams that make it easy to continue to go back and keep playing over and over and over again. You can also reach out to people you have never met before, because everyone is there for the same purpose. There are a ton of people that don’t realize how important it is to go to an alley at least once in your life and get the experience.