Bowling Shirts

bowling shirtMost sport activities have their own team shirts and bowling is no exception. Bowling was invented in the 1300s. By 1840, the first indoor bowling alley was designed in New York City. By the 1950s, bowling was a popular sport for all ages. It is still a great activity for families, friends and dating couples today. In order for the different teams to be recognized while bowling, uniform shirts were needed. Bowling shirts are usually made to look similar to a basic loose-fitting short sleeve shirt. Typically, they are made from cotton or cotton blend fabrics. Sometimes, they are made from silk fabric. This is important because bowlers need fabric that allows free flow of air. Bowling is actually a great aerobic sports activity. This causes people to perspire while playing the sport. Natural fabrics help the perspiration to evaporate quicker. You will find that most avid bowlers or league bowlers will have their own bowling shirts, along with other personalized equipment such as bowling balls, and bowling bags.

Short sleeve bowling shirts are important because bowlers need their arms to be as bare as possible. Bowlers do not want anything interfering with their bowling arm. A loose-fit is important too. Bowlers do not want shirts that ride up while they are moving around. Most shirts specially made for bowling have a unique appearance. They are created with bright colors and bold geometric designs. Teams often choose two colors. The body of the shirt will be one color. The color of collar and button placket will be a different color. Other designs might be used too. Pockets may be a different color than the body of the shirt. Some shirts have color piping or stripes.

Many teams order custom-made shirts. The shirts can be created in special color combinations and team emblems. The team emblems can be printed or sewn on patches. Hand, machine or computer embroidery can also create a unique shirt for bowling. Most bowlers also have their name embroidered or printed on their shirt. Bowlers can also find retro bowling shirts. Authentic retro shirts can be found at online stores or vintage brick-and-mortar stores. Alternatively, many specialty clothing companies make retro bowling shirts. Retro shirts for bowling can be found for men, women and children. Shirts made for bowling have also been popular as a fashion statement at different times throughout the years. Because of their unique style and comfort, they can be worn in casual and fun ways.

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