Bowling Tips

Every bowler looks for bowling tips to help improve their game and hone their skills. Beginners and seasoned experts can all benefit from the occasional pointer.

Here are ten bowling tips to help anyone improve their game.

1) The first and foremost bowling tip that that any bowler can benefit from is to bowl as often as possible. You can grow rusty if you don’t bowl often. The more you bowl, the greater improvement you will see.

2) Work on your delivery. Experiment with a three-step and four-step to determine which one works best. Each person is an individual and you must find the deliver that feels comfortable.

3) You should pay close attention to your release. Timing the release so that it occurs as the bowling ball passes over your foot will help you better control the ball’s aim. Practice frequently so you can also determine what is your own unique release line. Tall people will release past the foul line further than short people.

4) Avoid using a ball that is too heavy for you. Striking force is determined by the bowler and not the ball’s weight. If the ball is to heavy for your physical form you could suffer injury. Generally, a 12 pound ball will work for an average sized person. As you age, the ball that once worked for you may no longer work and you may have to use a lighter ball. Using a ball that is heavy can cause wrist and finger pain.

5) Wear bowling shoes that have the correct fit for your feet. Personal foot comfort is often overlooked by a bowler, but if your feet hurt then you game is going to suffer.

6) You should wear lose fitting pants and a bowling shirt with short sleeves when bowling.

7) Consider drilling an extra hole in your ball to get an ideal fit. Its not an uncommon occurrence and can help you grip the ball better.

8) Wear wrist supports to help give you added strength and improve your grip.

9) Always consider the conditions of the lane. A slick lane makes controlling the ball difficult.

10) Focus and concentrate on the pocket. Let outside distractions slip away and only think about making the shot.