bowlingThe sport of Bowling is one of the few indoor sporting games enjoyed in different parts of the world. Though anyone can pick up a 16-pound Bowling ball and throw it straight into a paved lane, not everyone was born to become an elite Bowler. Certain skills and capabilities are demanded for someone to fully enjoy and master the art and sport of Bowling. If you are a novice at the sport and wish to go pro, here are some basic facts about Bowling.

Basically, Bowling is a sport in which players aim to score points by throwing the bowling ball across a smooth surface, usually made from wooden or artificial materials, and either into bowling pins or to get near a target ball. There are different forms of Bowling, some of the most common include 10-Pin, 9-Pin and 5-Pin Bowling. Similar with the range of Bowling types, techniques involved in the sport are also myriad in amount.

For ball release, there are commonly two different means of rolling a ball down the bowling lane, namely a straight and hook/curve style. For straight ball release, novices usually just bowl the ball straight down the lane, putting it all in hope to hit the first and second pocket or the first and third. When the bowler releases the ball in this approach, individuals usually hold the ball in a W-form style. What you need to remember during a straight ball release is that you should hold the ball with the fingers pointing straightforward rather than in a uniform position.

Meanwhile, hook or curve ball release is usually utilized by more advanced players. As the bowler launches the ball, the ball begins at a straight motion and then hooks gradually as attributed by the rotation that the bowler puts on the ball upon releasing it. When curving the ball, a lot of bowlers utilize two fingers and the thumb to execute the technique.

Similar with other sports activities, participating in Bowling will require you to have the necessary gear such as a properly fitted ball, bowling bag  and wear apparel fit for the activity such as bowling shoes and bowling shirts. Basically, the most essential equipment you need for Bowling includes the ball, shoes and gloves.

Bowling balls vary mainly on the type of game being played. Ten-pin balls are designed to be bigger and bulkier and can have as many as 5 holes for gripping the ball. Bowling balls are designed in different weight variants, ranging from as light as 6 pounds to as heavy as 16 pounds.