Gutterball is one of the most popular bowling games on the web. After you get over the annoying New Yorker’s stupid comments, this is a very fun game. The great part about gutterball is that you can really customize your bowling ball to suit how you want to play the game. Pick the ball you want and enter your player name to begin.

To bowl, use your mouse to set your alignment on the lane. This will determine where your ball starts. To throw the ball, click the left mouse button and pull the mouse toward the bottom of the screen. This is essentially your backswing. Then as quickly as possible, move the mouse toward the top of the screen and release the mouse button at the same time. This will whip the bowling ball onto the lane with a lot of power. Guide the ball into the pocket with your mouse and get as many strikes as you can. Maybe you’ll throw a 300 one day. The New Yorker will be proud.