Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

When it comes to hardwood floor cleaning in . there are a few options that you have, but they are not always the best option to get the results that you want. In fact, if you try to clean your wood floors yourself you could actually do more harm than good.That is why hiring a good wood floor cleaning company is usually the best bet to maintain the beauty of your wood floors.If you decide to clean your wood floors yourself you have to be aware that using chemicals found of the shelves of local stores could create a lot of problems.If you try to clean the wood floors with chemicals such as vinegar, paste waxes, soap, and some of the wood floor cleaners found in stores you could actually damage your floors and finish. It doesn’t need to be that way!Some wood floor cleaners can actually attract soil which is bad for the finish of your floors. This soil build up can scratch the finish on your wood floors which is what dulls the finish and makes your floors look…well…not so good!So what should you do to get your wood floors clean and looking great?When you clean your wood floors with improper cleaning agents there is a great chance that your floors will be left with a sticky dirt attracting residue that will quickly dull and damage the finish on your wood floors. This is something that you need to avoid.So what should you do? Well, you could hire us to clean your wood floors and give you the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that your floors are taken care of properly by a company that knows how to clean and maintain wood floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning . – Our wood floor cleaning process.

When you hire us to clean your wood floors you can be assured that your floors will be cleaned safely and with results that will be far better than what you could achieve with store bought products. Besides the system we use to clean wood floors, we also have the knowledge to clean them properly. Let’s take a look at what our process to clean your wood floors consist of.Our wood floor cleaning system is safe for most floors and is very aggressive (but safe) at removing dirt, grime, oil, and other cleaning agents. We don’t just clean the surface of your floor, we get down in all the small tiny cracks and crevices that all wood floors have.Laminate Hardwood Floor Cleaning . – Yes, we can also clean laminates! Laminate floors are becoming more and more popular because of the great look they can offer, but also because they are tough and the cost can be much lower than natural wood floors. But hardwood floor sweeper also need to be cleaned properly and we can also do that for you! Check out our laminate floor cleaning page.Let’s take a look at the three levels of service we offer for your wood floors in .

Hardwood Floor Cleaning . –  Options that you have

Hardwood Floor Cleaning – With our hardwood floor cleaning service for we aggressively clean the soil and grime from your wood floors. Just doing this can make a big difference in how your wood floors look. If you floors have some damage to the finish this will  help them look better, but it will not restore the finish.Hardwood Floor Cleaning AND Refinishing – This service is a step up from just cleaning your hardwood floors. We aggressively clean your floors and then add a finish. This is a very good process for floors that have a dirt and grime build up and some damage to the finish. The results you get from this service can be really amazing…and your pocketbook will also love it.

Dust Free Cleaning and Refinishing – This is our best service and a service that your wood floors might need. With this service we aggressively clean your floors and then refinish with a very durable finish that will rejuvenate your floors to a like new condition.If you are interested in any of these services please feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to come to your home and give you a FREE no obligation quote on any wood floor cleaning and refinishing that you need done.***One thing that you need to understand is that this process is not for badly damaged floors or floors that have missing finish.  This is NOT a sanding and refinishing procedure.***Have Questions? Let us answer some of them right now!What type of floor can be cleaned with this system?

Bascially any laminate, pre-finished, or on site finished floor can be cleaned with this system as long as the damage to your floors is not severe or if finish is not missing. Will you use a lot of water and is this bad for my wood floors? This system does use some water but the water and cleaning agents are fast drying and the water usage is minimal. Most of the floors we clean are only damp for a few minutes or so.Is this better than store bought cleaners? Absolutely! Our cleaners are designed for wood floors and more importantly designed to clean them PROPERLY. Many store bought products can actually damage your floors because they leave a build up of cleaning agents that actually attract soil! That is EXACTLY what you do not want to do!Is your procedure a short term or long term solution? It depends on the traffic and how you maintain your floors.

In many cases this procedure can last for years, especially if you are diligent about maintaining your floors. The finishes that we use are also used on basketball floors and many other floors that get HUGE amounts of traffic and wear. This is not a junk wood floor finish. Will there be a bad smell? Many floor finishes can leave a strong and lingering smell. In fact this smell can last for days and weeks. Our wood floor cleaning agents and finishes are low VOC and do not leave a long lasting strong smell.Call us today for the best hardwood floor cleaning in !Hardwood floors are beautiful and they can really enhance the beauty of your home, but they can be REALLY costly to sand and refinish. It is much less expensive to regularly maintain your hardwood floors when you maintain them properly. And a big part of that maintenance is regular cleaning…but cleaning done that right way. And that is what we do.