History of Bowling

online bowling gameThough the American Bowling Congress was created in 1895, it wasn’t until bowling games were televised in the 1950’s that Bowling Alleys began cropping up throughout the United States. Everyone wanted to experience the game as they saw it on television.

Bowling Alleys provided all the basic equipment that a person needed to enjoy the sport. Each game and the shoes cost a small rental fee, but the use of bowling balls was free. In addition, rental of the lanes they were playing on had no time limit as long as time permitted their use between league bowling and closing times.

Scoring was originally done on paper, though most Bowling Alleys now have automated scoring. Each bowling game is played in 10 rounds, or what is called frames. A player has two chances in knocking down all the pins in the first nine frames. In the 10th frame, a bowler has three tries to get as many pins as they can to add to their scores.

If all 10 pins are knocked down in the very first try, it is called a strike. If it takes both tries, than it is counted as a spare. If a player is unable to get all 10 pins down in the two turns, it is called an open frame. Three strikes in a row is known as a turkey, and though it is welcome anytime in the game, it is most desired in the 10th frame, especially when a win may be just a few pins in difference between bowlers scores. Every bowler dreams of playing the perfect game, which is when a player gets a strike in every frame, for a total of 12 strikes, and is worth 300 points. Alternately, every player dreads getting a gutter ball, which puts a big fat “0” on the scoreboard.

As people become more familiar to bowling games, they eventually want to own their own bowling balls, bowling shoes and a wide range of other bowling gear which most bowling alleys offer for sale in their pro-shops. Popular items include bowling bags, bowling towels, bowling gloves, and special resin or powders that they consider useful to their bowling experiences. In addition, as with any sport, frequent bowlers also seek wrist wraps to support their bowling hand wrist and assorted medical aids for such things as when thumbs get rubbed raw.

Most bowling alleys offer a wide range of league type bowling for men, women and children on most days of the week when open bowling to the public is done. Within the leagues, bowlers are able to experience competitive bowling with added bonuses of awards for achievements. In addition, league bowlers are able to participate in special tournaments at their own and at other bowling alleys for 10-pin as well as the popular ninepin bowling games, where a bowler only needs to knock down nine pins for a strike instead of 10.

Bowling is a sport that has also been included in the Olympics, and thus is a dream for all ages to improve their skills and possibly be considered for a spot on the Olympic team for their Country. However, bowling is a game that young and old can play and enjoy simply for the game and nothing else. Worst case, you always to a little bowling online at your favorite bowling site.