Pinheadz Bowling

Pinheadz bowling has the same concept of all bowling games..hit as many pins as you can and try to score a perfect game 300.  Starting with 10 frames, knock down as many pins as possible. Score 10 points for every pin. Score a strike and gain two bonus frames and 300 bonus points. Score a spare and gain one bonus frame and 100 points. The game will end after 5 minutes or when you have no more frames left to play.

Use your mouse to set your starting point on the lane.  You then have to wait for the moving arrow to be in the spot you want the ball to go.  When it’s aligned, click the mouse to get the ball rolling.   If you click with the arrow is still red, the ball will curve off into the gutter and you won’t get any pins.   Pinheadz Bowling takes a few rounds to get the hang of, but once you do, you’ll be hooked.